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  • Since this might happen be your very first time trying out free trial chat line numbers, you could be a touch tongue-tied.
  • Many “Chat Virgins” have come before you and are now chatting on a daily basis and “loving” it.
  • You don’t have to feel expected to express anything really sexual when you call. Merely chat as you generally might and slide into a far more intimate interchange if you feel comfortable; No Rush!
  • If you feel like getting a little more risqué, express something as simple as, "I dream you're here close to me or I’m getting turned-on listening to your sexy voice"!
  • If you have called before and have fantasized with this particular guy or girl in the past, you might reveal to them that in the previous chat you dreamed about going out on a date with them in person.
  • You’ll be a natural! Don’t worry, it’ll come-easy.

100% Free Chat Lines

  • The results can be much unanticipated when you're chatting! Dozens of exciting girls or guys will want to chat with you and one of real cool things about it-all is that you don’t have to give-out your name or you phone number. Your time on the chat line is Totally Anonymous!
  • You can be Nameless or make-up a phony name or present a unique persona that you have thought about acting out before. Usually everyone on the line has called the chat number because they are curious and want to check it out; just like you're doing; or they are regular callers who have realized the joy in being a regular member.
  • There are also those who are looking for phone-sex and want a little more raunchy conversation.
  • However, the beauty-is that if you receive a message from anyone that you don’t want to chat with, you can press 5 to block that person from contacting you again.
  • You'll easily figure out the types of callers you wish to speak-with and/or the types of subject-matter which you feel comfortable talking about.

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A few Starting Chat Tips 

  • You wouldn't like to be in the heart of any very hot chat and experience your mobile coverage fail. Make sure you are at home or somewhere where your signal is strong.
  • If you are chatting thru your computer; be sure to check that your Wi-Fi network is good and that there aren't any other programs that could affect your Naughty Talk.
  • Seems goofy, but cellular phone dead-areas have on-occasion screwed-up every one of us in the past, and the thing you don't want to experience is your phone call getting disconnected in the middle of a great Phone-Gasm. We’ve all been in that amazingly erotic conversation when our call drops and it takes forever to find that person again.

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Try calling the free trial chat line numbers shown in the images or explore this WEBSITE to locate a chat number in your city.

Erotic Chat Tips

  • Divulge past erotic encounters that you have lived-out with a lover, a stranger or a chat Fuck-Buddy. Chicks and guys both like to hear about real-life occurrences in which you’ve fucked a person in a taxi cab or sucked somebody off at a night-club.
  • Some of us have had countless lusty and sensual adventures that we have never shared with anyone up to now.
  • Some of these may be erotic things we have enjoyed but haven’t been able to mention to anyone. Sometimes sharing things like this with strangers is easier than with a friend.

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